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Live Qs at 5: Sunday’s answers on World Cup

What’s up, Lunatics!? It’s World Cup time, so I’m beyond hyped even if my team is incapable of winning the tournament. It’s okay, though. Netherlands, Italy, there are a lot of teams watching from the outside.

France is my pick with the big forehead of Olivier Giroud finding a way to lift the trophy. If not them, I like Arsenal star and Germany midfielder Mesut Özil to repeat as champion

Let’s chat World Cup, let’s chat US soccer, let’s chat Pirates, let’s chat Fortnite, E3 or photos. Whatever you guys want, I’m open for it!

If you’re new, here’s how this works: Enter one question in the comments below. I’ll go through and answer as many as possible. When it’s done, all that will be left are the Qs that were used, my replies and any follow-ups by the original questioner. Please don’t use this the way you would an ordinary commenting thread.

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