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What’s Brewing 6.14.18

The planet’s premier sporting event opens today with the World Cup match at 11 a.m. Pittsburgh time, with host Russia taking on Saudi Arabia in Moscow.

The Rooney Complex. - DEJAN KOVACEVIC / DKPS

Good morning!

The planet’s premier sporting event opens today with the World Cup match at 11 a.m. Pittsburgh time, with host Russia taking the traditional kickoff against Saudi Arabia in Moscow. And being honest, it feels a little weird to have something that big happening without our site having a chance to really report on it since, you know, there’s no local tie at all.

That said, be sure that a good portion of our staff will be watching and popping in to the comments on the daily Let’s Talk  feed, where I’ll also be posting the schedule and other updates.

Oh, and Matt Grubba and Matt Sunday, our two biggest soccer nuts, offer up an all-World Cup Morning Java today. I’ve got a Daily Shot two-minute podcast on the U.S. national failure. Sunday’s focusing his Live Qs at 5 today on his picks. And if you missed it, Grubba collected the Riverhounds’ thoughts on the tournament over the weekend.

Also, go Serbia! (And Iceland!)

• I’ve got a full-length Grind column from the Steelers’ minicamp, based on one-on-one chats I had Wednesday with Ben Roethlisberger and his entire offensive line. There’s one more session today, beginning at 1:30 p.m., and Dale Lolley will have it covered.

• The Pirates, having yet again spared themselves a sweep in Phoenix, get today off, then resume bad baseball tomorrow with a home series against the Reds. With Lance Lysowski coming off a weeklong trip, I’ll pick up the coverage tomorrow, and Chris Bradford will take the weekend.

• I made my weekly visit to the 105.9 the X studios and Mark Madden yesterday, and the podcast is right here.

• Since we restructured our gifts-for-veterans program three weeks ago, we’ve connected 54 military veterans with free one-year subscriptions. Thanks to those who bought the gifts and, of course, to those who’ve served our country. And on that note, for the first time, we’re below $200 in the veteran pool. It’s actually at $107, as we had one purchased and three claimed yesterday. (Thanks, Dennis, for the purchase!) If you’d like to participate, that can happen right here.

• Circle June 30 on the calendar for our annual summer bash, this one to be held at Moon Golf Club. If you’re even thinking you might go, we’ve got a Facebook event page where you can let us know.


Monday: Lolley on Steelers
• Tuesday: Lysowski on Pirates
• Wednesday: Bradford on NHL Draft
• Thursday: Sunday on World Cup, entries
• Friday: Grubba on Pitt
• Saturday: DK on everything


• Monday: Below Deck, by Bradford
• Tuesday: Cartoon Canon, by Ullman
• Wednesday: Favorites & Likes, by Haase
• Thursday: Buried Treasure, by Wolper
• Friday: Friday Insiderby staff
Saturday: Site Stuff, by staff


Lance is heading home:


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Vamos, Brasil!


Thanks for email DK. Wish I wasn’t the only one who contributed yesterday, but I’m hopeful we will get a few more.


“The Pirates…get today off, then resume bad baseball tomorrow”

DK – I appreciate your brutally honest take here – deftly turning a boilerplate sentence into a scathing indictment with a single word. Thank you for continuing to proclaim the truth! Well done!!


I just purchased a gift subscription for a veteran, but was sent an email to notify a recipient. I was under the impression the site would match my gift with a veteran. Am I correct? That would be my preference. Please confirm if I am correct, as I intend to buy a second if I am. Thanks! T


Poor Lance looks like he was voted off the DK island. 😀


Actually this is the first year that the baseball beat writer has gotten multiple breaks throughout the season. Probably well appreciated by Lance. I know previous beat guys have gotten breaks before but not to this extent. Baseball beat is a tough grind. Especially with this years version of the PBC.


Agreed! It is especially hard to come up with creative ways to say “this team and it’s management suck”

Lance Lysowski
Lance Lysowski

No other reporter on the beat has covered more games this season than me, and honestly, I prefer it that way, especially with it being my first year. Dale, Dejan and Dali have made a concerted effort to give me breaks when I’ve needed them, including Friday. Will head to Columbus this weekend for Below Deck. I’m very grateful for their support. Seriously. It’s also important to remember that me, Dejan and a few of our former employees gave last year’s beat writer ample time off. It’s not slave labor. The beat is a grind, and you have to want to do it. I want to do it. That said, it’s not like I’ve taken several mini vacations this season.