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Site Stuff: A new level of coverage from Latrobe

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of planning that goes into doing this on a daily basis.


Believe it or not, there’s a lot of planning that goes into doing this on a daily basis. Currently, with the Steelers’ training camp set to open in just over two weeks, I’m mapping out my strategy for coverage this season.

Having joined last October, I arrived here just after training camp, but it’s always been my favorite time of the season. And, quite frankly, I pride myself in the training camp coverage I bring. While others take days off during training camp, I’m there every day. I watch every minute of practice, taking it all in.

The reason?

Training camp is the only time of the season we can report exactly what we see and hear on the field. There’s no need to ask somebody for confirmation of what you just saw. You just write it or talk about it. It’s reporting in its purest form.

That said, it is different from, say, a Penguins practice. For the Penguins, we’re able to do a live file that we can update immediately because we’re watching from the stands with our laptop in front of us. That’s not the case at Saint Vincent College. The laptops stay in the dorms, high above the practice field.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t get the most extensive practice reports around. We’re still formulating how that will work. We’d love for it to be a live file-type thing. The plan is to try to make something like that work.

Just know that I’ll be the eyes and ears for everyone who can’t make that trip to Latrobe to see all of the hoopla.


Here’s a new one for us: Anyone filling or refilling a prescription at Curtis Pharmacy, either the Washington or Claysville store, gets a FREE annual subscription to our site!

Whether you are a new or existing subscriber to our site, the offer applies. If you’re already a subscriber, Erich Cushey and our friends at Curtis Pharmacy will pick up the tab to add a year to your current term. All you need to do is let Curtis Pharmacy know when you pick up your prescription, then email me directly. I’ll take care of the rest.

Erich’s been a great friend to the site since our launch. — Dali Kovacevic


We’re proud of our partnerships with Curtis Pharmacy, as well as PNC Bank, Allegheny Health Network, Point Park University, Schneider Downs, Hertz, GetGo, Henne Jewelers, Moon Golf Club, Miller Lite, Bassi Vreeland & Associates and Express Employment Professionals.

Would you or your business be interested?

If so, here’s my updated June Media Kit for you to download with all our vital information. Also, feel free to email me directly with any questions.


Wonderful as it is to hear from readers who buy gift subscriptions for military veterans, it’s that much more heartwarming to hear from the vets themselves. I got this Twitter direct message last night and thought I’d share here:

These come all the time. The stories are very different because they come from all corners of the world and equally varied military duties, but the one thing they share with all of us is a passionate interest in Pittsburgh sports.

Our Veterans Gift Subscriptions pool remained right at minus-1 after none were claimed or bought yesterday. We’ve had one bought this week. (Thanks again, John!) If you’d like to contribute to the cause by buying one, that can happen right here.

Overall, we’ve now connected 97 military veterans with free subscriptions since restructuring the program in May. Anyone who’s served in our Armed Forces can seek a free one-year subscription by filling out this form. – Dejan Kovacevic


• We’re in the middle of a month-long project with Build In Motion to completely overhaul our login/alerts process. These might not sound like they’re related, so that surprised me, too, but they are. And neither is as efficient as we want, so we’re scrapping them both. It’s a five-figure cost, but it’s also aimed at addressing our most common complaint, so it’s worth it.

• Overhauling the alerts, we’re told, will also eliminate the top two causes of crashes on the Android app. So there’s that, as well. It’s part of the same project, but it’s equally welcome. Android’s been a colossal headache for us from Day 1.

• Adding to Dale’s lede above about Steelers training camp coverage, there’s a tech-type thing we’re strongly considering to enhance his ability to report to you instantly. Work remains, but damn, it’s exciting. If we pull this off, it’ll be amazing. — Dejan



• Subscriptions are at 38,071. That’s minus-81 over the past week. We’ve expected this drop, as a ton of new people signed up at this same time last year for Stanley Cup championship giveaways. Also, new subscriptions are way down from this time last year. (Though Friday was great in this regard.)

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