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Live Qs at 5: Sunday’s answers on World Cup

What's up, Lunatics!? The World Cup has reached its final two teams, and boy was I wrong about Croatia ... Maybe wonder-kid Christian Pulisic should have found a way to play for that red, white and blue team after all.

I'm still pulling for the other red, white and blue team left in the tournament, though. That would be France, of course.

If you guys want to chat soccer, there is plenty of time left for that, especially after Harry Kane's ... unfortunate ... 'Brexit' from the tournament. There's also a new season of Fortnite, I just saw Weezer on Tuesday (and am headed to Taking Back Sunday and Coheed and Cambria next weekend), and I've been around quite a bit of Pirates baseball these last few weeks. There's also that shiny new Sony 400mm hitting the market soon if the fellow camera nerds want to talk glass. So, uhhhh, ask me anything? See you in the comments.

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