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What’s Brewing 8.12 ☕

Chuck Noll Field. - DEJAN KOVACEVIC / DKPS

Good morning!

It's the weekend, so there's Site Stuff, this time with a whole bullet train of tech things to share, most of which are actually not dull. You'll also find new caricatures for Bob Maddamma, one of our editors, and Jarrod Prugar, our Penn State reporter.

If you missed it yesterday -- and judging by our numbers, not many of you did -- Chris Carter introduced his new War Room feature, an intensive breakdown of the Steelers' previous game. He'll do these during the preseason, in part to get warmed up for the real thing, but mostly because there's deserving material within these games, as well. He's been planning this for weeks.

Lance Lysowski covered those maddeningly inconsistent Pirates' 13th shutout victory -- crazy, right? -- late last night in San Francisco. He'll be back at AT&T Park again today for the finale.

Dale Lolley, Chris Bradford and I will cover the Steelers' to practice today in Latrobe. That begins at 2:55 p.m.

• After that, I'll head back into town to be part of the panel on WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word,' which airs at 11:35 p.m.

• Don't forget about our Half-Off Sale on annual subscriptions, which includes purchases of gift subscriptions, an offer that expires this coming Wednesday, the day camp breaks at Saint Vincent. We've sold 111.

• Our Veterans Gift Subscriptions pool is at plus-4 after a quiet Saturday in which none were claimed or bought. If you'd like to contribute, that can happen right here. Overall, you've connected 135 military veterans with free subscriptions since restructuring the program in May. Anyone who's served in our Armed Forces can request a subscription by filling out this form.

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Monday: Lolley on Steelers
• Tuesday: Lysowski on Pirates
• Wednesday: Grubba on Pitt
• Thursday: Haase on Penguins
Friday: DK on everything


• Monday: Below Deck, by Prugar
• Tuesday: Cartoon Canon, by Ullman
• Wednesday: Buried Treasure, by Wolper
• Thursday: Carter's Classroom, by Carter
• Friday: Friday Insiderby staff
Saturday: Site Stuff, by staff


Lance is tiptoeing through wildfires ...


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