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Cartoon Canon: Roll out the stars!

RICHMOND, Va. -- I never watched a single minute of Pittsburgh Phantoms roller hockey live. In fact, I’m pretty sure they were out of business before I was aware they’d ever existed. And to be honest, there’s scarce visual evidence that they ever did exist.

The game covered here sounds like it was quite a spectacle…the roof opened to the music of  '2001: A Space Odyssey,' and the home team won game one of its second-round playoff series over Minnesota, 8-6. It turned out to be the last home game the team would ever play, as they went on to lose the best-of-three series and soon folded.

Still, goofy and gimmicky though it was, watching this episode of ESPN2’s 'RHI Rewind,' dug up by our own Jerry Wolper, left me a little surprised that they were only around for one year…You’d think the presence of Warren Young, Bryan Trottier and a Lemieux (even if it wasn’t THE Lemieux) would have been enough to keep them afloat.

[caption id="attachment_681410" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] ROB ULLMAN / DKPS[/caption]


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