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Site Stuff: A gift (and a big one) to college students

MILWAUKEE -- Every bit of support for this site is appreciated, large and small, but it's hard to find words to express our gratitude for the generosity of one subscriber in particular.

He insists on going unnamed, but I can tell you he's a longtime reader in Ohio who loves what we've built here and would love to keep it growing. So this year, as with past years, he's pledged to fund an unprecedented drive to add college students.

Plain and simple: $1 for one year.

And we're going to have some fun with it, too. We're going to roll these out school by school over the coming week, beginning Monday at 12:01 a.m. with our friends at Point Park University. Each school's students -- and they'll need to use a .edu email address from that school --  will get 24 hours to snap up these one-dollar, one-year subscriptions. And then, right at midnight, we move on to the next school.

Here's the schedule:

Monday: Point Park University
Tuesday: Pitt
Wednesday: Duquesne
Thursday: Penn State
Friday: West Virginia
Saturday: Robert Morris
Sunday: All other schools

Spread the word! Don't let anyone miss their turn!


When Cody Tucker arrived as our Penguins beat reporter earlier this month, I shared with you a hockey coverage plan that made mention of wanting to add a statistical/analytical presence to the beat.

Well, we lucked out in five ways by finding David Golebiewski:

1. He actually found us. He's a longtime subscriber who also happens to have professional journalism experience with the Tribune-Review, and he's communicated with me often over the years.

2. He loves crunching the numbers on all three of the major teams we cover. He's intensely, equally knowledgeable on Penguins, Steelers and Pirates. That wasn't expected when we put out the call.

3. He's always had a writing style, by choice, of wanting to relate even the most advanced metrics in a conversational way. That doesn't mean he dumbs it down or anything like that. It just means he doesn't deliberately inundate the material with acronyms for the primary purpose of sounding haughty, as so often happens with this subject. He delivers smart stuff in a smart way.

4. He builds his own graphics. He'll use those with this.

5. He'll be able to help all of us with vital information or background when we're covering news or games, as needed.

Anyway, 'Stats 'N At,' as David's chosen to call the weekly feature, will begin Monday. We hope you like it!


We have amazing partners in this venture, and I hope you check out our current list on the new Advertise with us page I just made. We are very grateful to all of them!

What our partners like most about us is that we are in the unique position to customize each campaign to their needs and try new marketing strategies, while at the same time offering traditional advertising. If you or your company are looking to connect with our large, passionate following, send me an email directly at We can help you grow your brand, increase awareness, sales, and more.

Here is our updated media kit. -- Dali


On the tech front: The ongoing project to address logins/alerts -- one that's supposed to also cure most of the Android crashes -- was slowed a little by the Live Feed, but it's made progress, and we're told it will begin testing next week. Once that starts ... well, a lot of testing is needed because this isn't something we can mess up. The goal remains to have it done before the Steelers' season opener. -- Dejan


If you haven't tried it yet, our Live Feed can be found on both our Apple and Android apps -- those respective links are right here -- by tapping the lightning bolt at the bottom right corner. That takes you to the feed, where you'll find all the latest from our staff, whether that's brief news, a photo, a video, something silly, as well as a link to our latest content. Just choose your feed, then tap the blue Refresh button at the top right to your heart's content.

If you're looking for the feed on a desktop, laptop or mobile browser, it's now got its own space up in the blue menu bar under the heading LIVE. Or you can bookmark it right here.


With training camp over for the Steelers, some might have noticed the Live Files from their practices have gone away. There’s a reason for that.

Unlike practices for the Penguins or Pirates, NFL practices are closed sessions. Reporters are not permitted to report what they see at a practice without getting some kind of confirmation. They also are not permitted to Tweet or send photos from practice while the session is taking place.

It’s not unusual for that to happen in football, where offensive and defensive formations and plays on which the team is working are perhaps more important than any other sport.

But our Steelers coverage team will continue to update things on the Live Feed, so check that out early and often, and we’ll still have Live Files from any and all games. — Dale Lolley


Our Veterans Gift Subscriptions pool is at plus-5, so we're in good shape. (Thank you!) If you'd like to contribute, that can happen right here. Overall, we've connected 145 military veterans with free subscriptions since restructuring the program in May. Anyone who's served in our Armed Forces can request a subscription by filling out this form.


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