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Site Stuff: When in doubt, use the app!

Nobody's ever built the perfect app, and we probably won't be the first. But the apps are where we've placed the bulk of our tech focus for the past couple years, and that's only about to ramp up.

So, when you've got a choice for reading our stuff on a mobile device, please always, always, always go with the app.

This is something we often share with readers in personal correspondence, so I thought it'd be worth bring up here, as well. We have an unusually high portion of readership on mobile browsers. (Meaning basic web browsers like Safari, Chrome, etc.) And no one here is comfortable with that, for the simple reason that we have so very little control of those browsers and the awful things like popup ads that can appear there.

That's why we promote the apps with pieces like this:

Our apps offer so many more features, not least of which is our new -- and increasingly used -- Live Feed. It's easier, friendlier and more versatile.

So, just choose the button below, depending on whether you've got an Apple or Android device:

itunes googleplay

They're both free, they're both instantly easy to use, and they both work about a billion times better than any mobile browser ever could. With more still to come, given the ongoing project to completely alter our logins and alerts, as well as maximizing our speed and load times. (Both now in the testing phase.)

Our writing, our visual presentations, our commenting ... all are aimed at the apps. That doesn't mean we ignore the rest, but the apps are the priority.

And in that spirit ...


You probably noticed that we unveiled a new game coverage format that we started for football season, both with the Steelers and the colleges. It will carry over for the Penguins, as well, and then we'll add the Pirates into the equation next season.

The reasoning behind the change was so that you'll have a good idea what you're going to find in the game story every time you click on it. Injuries? They're in there. Key play? Got it covered. Game balls and three stars? Boxscores and standings? It will have all of that and much more. If you haven't seen it yet, here's an example from my coverage last Sunday in Cleveland.

And it will still leave openings for other coverage, as well.

We hope you like it. It does give us more freedom to bring you the most complete game coverage around. -- Dale Lolley


In time for football and hockey seasons, here is what we have available for new partnerships, and we hope you consider the following options for your business: Teams that aren't fully committed to any exclusive partner are (some) Steelers, (some) Penguins, Pitt, Duquesne, Penn State, West Virginia. The (some) means that part of their inventory is available. We also are seeking partnerships for the following regular features: Buried Treasure, Carter's Classroom, Friday Insider, Stats 'N' At, Wilkes-Barre Watch, Wheeling Watch and the DK's Daily Shot podcast.

If your company is looking to connect with our large, passionate following, email me at We can help you grow your brand, increase awareness, sales and more.

Here is our updated media kit. for much more detail.


Our Veterans Gift Subscriptions pool is at plus-15, following a Friday in which two were claimed -- Scott, a 31-year vet from the Coast Guard, and Raymond from the Army -- and none bought. We're obviously set for a while. If you'd like to contribute at any point, that can happen right here.

Overall, our readers have connected 173 military veterans with free subscriptions since the program was restructured in May. And, as ever, anyone who's served in our Armed Forces can request a subscription by filling out this form..


You might have seen that we've been running promotions for, the industry's preeminent sports merchandising outlet, both here on the site/app and on social media. There's a reason: Our partnership is such that we earn a percentage of every sale that goes through us.  This could become a nice area of growth for us, as we already offer a connection between Pittsburgh sports fans and their favorite teams.

We'll soon be featuring this in a more permanent, prominent place on the home page soon, as well as our own store of products related to the site. More on that soon. -- Dejan


• Subscriptions are at 37,750. That's minus-39 over the past week.

• We had 566,635 page views over the past week, our biggest week since May. Our most-hit article was DK's column from Cleveland comparing James Conner and Le'Veon Bell at 9,188. Our most visited team pages were, in order: Steelers (27.7 percent) Penguins (23.4), Pirates (10.0), Pitt (5.1), Penn State (4.2), and all the rest below 1.0.

• We're at 29,200 (-12) page likes on Facebook, we're at 28,659 (+51) followers on Twitter, and we're at 8,970 (+7) followers on Instagram. These figures are just for our official company account on each platform, not for us as individuals.

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