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Sunday’s Best: ‘Con-ner! Con-ner!’

Like most of the Pittsburgh fan base, I enjoy having Steelers on my fantasy team. The big difference for me is that they don't play for a team that I'm rooting for ... it's just nice to have an interest in the players on the field beyond the photos that I take of them.

When it became clear that Le'Veon Bell wasn't reporting before the season, James Conner quickly became my fantasy football rooting interest on the Steelers.

Needless to say ... it's been a good year of having Conner on the fantasy squad. It's also been a good year to be around him with a camera lens.

For the first time in my time covering the Steelers, the crowd unanimously chanted a player's name. They chanted "Con-ner! Con-ner!" again and again. The first was just after a simple catch on a simple release that would be simply meaningless at the end of the day. The crowd would do it again after he scored his first touchdown. Again between quarters. He was pretty dang good for the lens and the fantasy team, and fans wanted more.

At the top of this story and leading off the gallery is the photo of Conner crossing the goal line on his final carry during the Steelers' final scoring drive. They chanted his name after that one, too. Jaylen Samuels had a chance to make an impression on the drive, his first four carries in the NFL, but it was Conner who came back in to seal the victory with a 22-yard scamper on third-and-3.

Arm up, ball up, and the win over the Browns. Big day for No. 30, big day for his fantasy owners, big win in Pittsburgh. "Con-ner! Con-ner!"

Of course, the rest of the game's photos follow. See you guys and gals in the comments.

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