Courtesy of Moon Golf Club

Sunday’s Best: Touch downs, then touchdowns

It would be pretty abnormal for an NFL game to be played in 2018 without some type of military tribute before, during or after the game.

These tributes happen in numerous ways. In Pittsburgh, it can be as simple as the "Thank you, Alejandro Villanueva" signs in the seats. It can be veterans being honored during the anthem, or during a television timeout. It can be a family being reunited on the sidelines, or Rocky Bleier starting the fans up with the wave of a towel.

On the really fun occasions, at least from a photography standpoint, there are flyovers or there are paratroopers landing right in the middle of the field. The latter's what we got Thursday night.

The Army Golden Knights circled high above Heinz Field, spiraling until each member's sparkler-like tracking device expired, and then landed near the 50-yard line before the game. One of my favorite images from the night is of the member of the team who carried the flag in with him, just as he was illuminated by the Heinz Field brights.

I looked up, pointed my lens at 300mm into the sky and snapped away as the team flew right over us. These are always so incredible to see live, and wonderful at all times, but they can really be true spectacles with the black night sky in the background.

As always, the rest of the game's best photos follow. See you guys and gals in the comments.

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