Courtesy of PNC

Cartoon Canon: Staal installs hope!

RICHMOND, Va. -- The Pittsburgh-Detroit Stanley Cup matchup in 2008 and sequel in 2009 were both dramatic, unpredictable thrill rides, and epitomized the absolute best the NHL has to offer. But the teams’ first true rematch was an incredible display of hockey in its own right, a wild, early season tilt so tense and entertaining that you’d be forgiven for checking the calendar to make sure it actually was Veterans Day, and not Memorial Day!

The Penguins twice overcame two-goal deficits to prevail, signaling to the fan base that, should the teams somehow manage to face one another again for the Cup, the result might be different.

The performance of Jordan Staal in this game would prove to be a nice little bit of foreshadowing as well. He was essential to the Penguins’ championship that June, and his timely short-handed tally in Game 4 was arguably the defining goal of the entire series!

All in all, it was as entertaining a hockey game as you’ll ever hope to see, and one I’ll never forget…and if you were watching, I doubt you will either!


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