Courtesy of Moon Golf Club

Sunday’s Best: Try, try, try again

Football games often come down to the final play. That play, however, doesn't often get played three times with wildly varying outcomes.

As a photographer, you always try to anticipate the type of action that's about to take place. So, when a team is winding the clock down, and you know that they're doing so to attempt a last second field goal, you set up for whatever you're hoping to get from the final moment.

In my case, as someone who covers games from the Steelers perspective in most situations, I set up with Chargers kicker Michael Badgley's back to my camera. This way I would be in position to capture a block, fumbled snap, etc., which would extend the game and give the Steelers a chance.

Try one: A miss, but a Steelers' penalty.

Try two: An Artie Burns block, but a Steelers' penalty.

Try three: Badgley's kick is good and the game is over (after declining a Steelers' penalty).

I was able to make a frame from each of the three outcomes, but the two that stood out were from Burns' block and the game-ending field goal. Up top is that final field goal, and you'll see Burns' near block in the rest of the game's action that follows.

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