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Cartoon Canon: A big bowl of mud!

RICHMOND, Va. -- These past two Steelers game have been pretty dumb … three, really, if you count the Jacksonville game. Stupid circumstances, comically bad breaks, and terrible results.

They couldn’t help but remind me of perhaps the dumbest Steelers game I’ve ever watched, the rain-soaked Mud Bowl back in 2007.

True, it turned out well enough in the end, but man, was it ever a slog getting there. Still, that image of the punt driving into the ground and just sticking there is one of those plays you never forget, so this miserable display at least provided that one bright spot.

I remember that my daughter was only five months old at the time, and my wife and I were living in a near-constant state of sleep deprivation. She insisted I go out and watch this game with some friends, god bless her … only to have this be the result. There’s nothing worse than boring football, and as I watched both teams slip, slide and exchange punts all night, it occurred to me that I might’ve been better off just going home to bed to rest up!

[caption id="attachment_731537" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] ROB ULLMAN / DKPS[/caption]


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