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Today’s question: Are Cardinals contenders again?

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Each day at Let's Talk, we'll pose a question from one of our staffers on a specific sports topic, not even necessarily related to Pittsburgh. From there, we'll turn the floor over to you for your answers. Simple as that. Water-cooler, message-board, whatever you want to call it.

So, here we go ...

One of the best hitters in baseball is coming to the NL Central, and it's not to the Pirates.

Paul Goldschmidt, an All-Star each of the past six seasons for the Diamondbacks, is now a Cardinal after St. Louis acquired him in a trade Wednesday. Though the Cardinals finished 88-74 last season, they finished behind the Brewers and Cubs in the division, but they hope the slugging first baseman will be enough to put them over the top.

Today's question: With the trade, are the Cardinals contenders again? And if they are a threat to win the Central, are they World Series contenders?


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