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Sunday’s Best: Emotionally invested

OAKLAND, Calif. — I always knew I'd chase down Karl Joseph after the Steelers finished in Oakland. The former Mountaineer is one of my all-time favorite athletes to cover, and this was the first chance to see him at the next level.

What I didn't see happening was the way shooting him after the game would play out.

Games, even games that end in walk-off fashion, have a pretty typical flow to the end of them. Either a quarterback is kneeling, or a running back carries the ball or a kicker makes it ... or he doesn't. The visual media scampers onto the field, splits into primary groups chasing the quarterback handshake as well as the coaches' variety, and then they photograph the player interactions before heading inside to work

No matter the scenario, there's generally an order to the way it happens.

Well, when Chris Boswell ended the Steelers' chances before the ball ever got off the ground, a scramble for a fumble ensued and emotions escalated to the game's extremes, the order didn't hold up as well.

The attempted kick with ambitions of tying the game was the final play, so the cameras were on the field while the emotional stuff was developing. In my case, I headed toward Boswell where he remained on the grass, but I was cut off by Joseph getting into a moderately physical but heavily verbal altercation with Vince Williams and surrounding Steelers.

That's what you see up top here, and that's the image I ended up with of Joseph following the game (the rest of the game's favorites and best follow). I expected, you know, handshakes and pleasantries per usual, but that wouldn't have fit for what was likely the final time these teams will meet at the Coliseum.

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