THREE days left to get Cartoon Canon book by Christmas!

LOS ANGELES -- The month of December needs to be big for this little business every year, so we're thinking big. And for 2018, because we're offering a wonderful product with our gift subscriptions for the first time, we're thinking really big.

Our goal: 600 gift subscriptions.

Which means, of course, 600 of these:

So far, after selling 5 Monday, we've now sold a total of 67. (Thank you!)

Now, we've never sold 600 gift subscriptions -- 581 is the most -- but then, that was without us attaching anything to the offer. This year, we're including 'Cartoon Canon: An Illustrated History of Pittsburgh Sports,' a beautiful coffee-table-style assembly of 53 of staff artist Rob Ullman's finest pieces — to anyone buying a gift subscription at zero additional charge. The shipping is free, too.

Oh, and there isn't much time: To guarantee getting the book for Christmas, an order has to be submitted by Dec. 13. It's the only way we can be absolutely certain to ship it to you by the holiday.

That's just three days away!

Order yours right here right now!

Why 600?

Well, one reason is that we hope to top the record. Another is that our book publisher prints 200 at a time, so three printings felt about right. And yet another is that, again, we need this. I've written this in holiday seasons past, but it holds true: Almost 40 percent of our new subscribers for any given year arrive in December. That's an enormous portion of our total and, if it falls short of expectations, it's close to impossible to make up for it in the other 11 months.

Between the sale of 600 books and some other initiatives, we're confident it'll be a great December, maybe our best. That's certainly where our collective effort is going.

Here are the three options available:

One-year gift subscription: Same price as always, $39.99, and you get a softcover version of the book. Shipping is free.

Three-year Lunatic gift subscription: Same price as always, $87, and you also get a deluxe hardcover version of the book signed by Ullman. Shipping is free.

Ultimate gift subscription: This one is nuts. It'll be $225, and the recipient gets a five-year subscription, the deluxe hardcover version of the book signed by Ullman, a separate autographed bookplate of an Ullman sketch of Pittsburgh's greatest-ever athletes, plus one of those foam Lunatic Bricks (yes, we still have 'em), plus a high-quality DK Pittsburgh Sports hoodie in your size of choice. Even here, shipping is free.

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