Stats ‘N’ At: Special teams chaos, Sprong saga, Pirates’ rookies

Chris Boswell, Daniel Spring, Kyle Crick. -- MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Welcome to Stats ‘N’ At, a weekly feature that takes a deep dive into the numbers that define our city's sports scene.

During Week 14, the NFL seemingly tried to deliver an early holiday gift to the Steelers. With the Ravens, Patriots and Texans all suffering defeats, Pittsburgh had a prime opportunity to lock down the AFC North, improve its playoff seeding, and at least stay in the hunt for a first-round bye. Instead, the black and gold once again got sucked into the Black Hole.

There's no shortage of culprits for the latest West Coast debacle. But, as kicker Chris Boswell laid on the kinda-sorta-turf in Oakland after a Charlie Brown-esque field goal attempt, one thing became very clear: Good grief, the Steelers' special teams are a mess.

Just how bad has the special teams play been?

Let's count the ways:

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