From us to you: Merry Christmas!

On this most magnificent of holidays, on behalf of Dali Kovacevic, our director of operations, and Dale Lolley, our editor in chief, as well as our whole staff at this little company ...

... I'd like to wish you the merriest Christmas!

This community all of us have created here, you above all, feels like extended family, a little more with each passing year, doesn't it?

We're halfway through our fifth year now, stronger and more stable than ever as a business despite having launched this when literally no one else in North America had ever tried anything like it. We get a lot of credit for that, which is nice. We're proud of what we started, and we're prouder still to see others that have been spawned as a result.

But as I tell anyone who asks what really made it work, I always point right to the readership.

Not in some pandering way, either. This is Pittsburgh. We're weird like this. Same first name, same colors for all of our teams. Sports are larger than life.  We don't just follow our teams. We live vicariously through them. They're us, and we're them.

So yeah, things will get a little emotional here, as they have the past couple days following the Steelers' excruciating experience in New Orleans. We'll bite and snap, too, but only because we care that much. In most other cities, a loss is a loss. In this one, it's a collective civic nightmare. And we won't always agree on how to fix them, but we do agree on exactly how important it is that they get fixed.

We're grateful for your readership and your support, including the 180 gift subscriptions that were sold this month as of 11:59 p.m. Christmas Eve. Of those, 42 were three-year subscriptions and 138 one-year subscriptions. That's a wonderful new wave of people we can welcome here to our content, as well as our community in the comments section.

This coming Saturday, we'll make a major announcement, one we're confident will bring a significant upgrade to what we can offer you on the coverage that you've told us matters to you the most. It's been in the works for a long, long time, and this will be the next big step in the process.

Enjoy the holiday, my friends. Enjoy the family. As ours learned in 2018, you never know how many Christmases you have with those you love. Hug them. Hold them. Put the phones down -- yes, our app, too -- and talk to them. Tell them you love them.

Thank you again. For everything.


One last time on the gifts ...

If you still want to get one, they're obviously still available. Because buying someone a subscription to our site doesn't involve shopping or shipping -- it's just an email -- we're the ultimate bail-out for procrastinators.

This year, every gift subscription comes with a FREE copy of Rob Ullman's Cartoon Canon book in time for Christmas, the softcover edition with a one-year subscription and the deluxe hardcover edition with a three-year. (The book will come directly to you, not the gift subscription recipient, so if you keep the book for yourself, we promise not to tell!)

Total sales to date: 180
Our goal for the season: 600

Order yours right here right now!

Here, in detail, are the three options available:

One-year gift subscription: Same price as always, $39.99, and you get a softcover version of the book. Shipping is free.

Three-year Lunatic gift subscription: Same price as always, $87, and you also get a deluxe hardcover version of the book signed by Ullman. Shipping is free.

Ultimate Gift Package: This one is nuts. It'll be $225, and the recipient gets a five-year subscription, the deluxe hardcover version of the book signed by Ullman, a separate autographed bookplate of an Ullman sketch of Pittsburgh's greatest-ever athletes, plus one of those foam Lunatic Bricks (yes, we still have 'em), plus a high-quality DK Pittsburgh Sports hoodie in your size of choice. Even here, shipping is free.

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