Steelers not going to Mexico in 2019

Matt Sunday/DKPS

The Steelers won't be playing in Mexico next season after all.

Last week, several reports circulated connecting the Steelers to a 2019 matchup vs. the Chargers in Mexico City.

Today, however, the NFL released its official lineup of international games, and while the Chargers are indeed the home squad in Mexico City, the Steelers are not their opponent.

Instead, the Chargers will face the Chiefs, who were eliminated from the playoffs Sunday in a 37-31 overtime loss to the Patriots.

Joining the Chargers vs. Chiefs matchup are four games set in the United Kingdom: Bengals vs. Rams, Panthers vs. Buccaneers, Bears vs. Raiders and Texans vs. Jaguars.

The Steelers last played internationally in 2013, when the Vikings defeated them, 34-27, at Wembley Stadium in London.


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