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Hunter’s Prowl: This kid’s Machado meltdown is classic

Before we fully dive into this week's best (and funniest) sports moments, I should introduce this feature. "Hunter's Prowl" will track what I'm watching — football, basketball, baseball, hockey, MMA — delivering highlights, commentary, analysis and more.

Basically, I want this to feel like one giant living room where we're all cracking a few cold ones and chatting about the latest and greatest goings on in the wonderful world of sports. Leave comments so we can discuss. Call me out when I utter a horrible take. Get loose and have some fun.

Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019

Manny Machado has plenty of fans — but this kid is not one of them:

That's just beautiful. You tell 'em, kid.



I'm sorry. I apologize for starting the Prowl with this but... Really? Really?

This has progressed from alarming to entertaining to hilarious to downright sad since the season ended. Unbelievable.


So you wanna be an Ultimate Fighter?

No, you probably don't. This is insane. Paul Felder fought James Vick Saturday — and won — but not without taking some serious damage.

Fighting through a collapsed lung? How is that even possible? T-u-f-f.


I'm not sure the title of this video is accurate, but it's fun nonetheless.

Stick around to the end for some Ben Roethlisberger action and a classic from Jon Gruden:


Monday, Feb. 18, 2019

Our good friend Daniel Sprong was a healthy scratch yesterday for the Ducks:

File this under "Submitted without further comment."


The NBA All-Star Game happened and... meh.

I like basketball. I like the NBA. I like following great plays and players.

But I'm not crazy about this game. It's Pro Bowl-levels of silliness.

That said, there were some pretty wild highlights, as expected, this year. Enjoy:


If you've been following this Prowl for a bit, you know I love throwback clips.

And this one is my favorite in quite some time. Who does that to Larry Allen? WHO?! Reggie White, that's who.

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