Ward calls current Steelers ’embarrassing’


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Matt Sunday/DKPS

Hines Ward was on fire today, and the flames were aimed directly at the Steelers organization.

Speaking with Barstool Sports, Ward unleashed on the Steelers' recent drama, specifically the team's struggles with Antonio Brown.

"It is embarrassing, to be honest with you," Ward said. "That's just not the culture, the Steelers culture."

Where culture is concerned, Ward then transitioned to illustrate a team that, to him, does things the right way.

"I look at what happened with Malcolm Butler, being late for a meeting then missing the Super Bowl," Ward said. "That's the culture. That's the Patriots way. There's no one guy that's bigger than the team. You do what Coach [Bill] Belichick says and everyone else is held accountable."

In Pittsburgh, Ward says, it's not like that — not anymore, at least.

"I just think the culture in Pittsburgh has changed a little bit," Ward said. "It's more about, the production on the field outweighs what the overall team aspect is. When you start to get a bunch of individuals worried about how many catches they get, how many this, who's making this type of money... it just sets up for a disaster for a team."

When asked if a coaching change is required to fix the problem, Ward briefly hesitated but said, "Nah... Well, it starts with Coach [Mike] Tomlin of course."

The Barstool team then referenced Brown's infamous Facebook Live session from the 2017 playoffs.

"It should've been stopped right there," Ward said. "Antonio, you used Facebook right there, you can't play the next game. You have to understand that you're not bigger than the team. And I think that's the difference. That's why the Patriots, year in and year out, are always there, because the players buy into Coach Belichick."

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