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What’s Brewing 2.14

Good morning!

We only really talk about gift subscriptions around Christmastime, but they're always available and we do sell a healthy share throughout the year. They actually account for about a quarter of all our new subscription sales.

So hey, why not Valentines Day?

Taylor Haase suggested a couple years ago that we try promoting gift sales, and we wound up with a dozen or so, which was a pleasant surprise. Since then, we've given it a modest push each February.

This time, for this one day only, we'll offer all our gift subscription packages for half off!

But again, when the clock strikes midnight, it all goes back to pumpkins 'n' at!

• Today's dose of Morning Java comes right from the rink:

• I've got Grind, and it's all Jack Johnson. Mostly just to annoy you.

• The Penguins and Matt Murray beat the Oilers last night at PPG Paints Arena. Taylor Haase, Chris Bradford, Matt Sunday and I were there. The team practices today at noon in Cranberry. Taylor will be there. All our hockey coverage can be found on our team page.

• The Pirates enter Day 4 of spring training, the second day of workouts for pitchers and catchers and possibly their first day outdoors. John Perrotto is there. All our hockey coverage can be found on our team page.

• We've got a goal of getting 1,000 new app installations in 2019 by the opening of the Major League Baseball season. We tracked 26 new installations yesterday. Current figure for the year: 675

• Our apps are working better than ever, so we're asking a favor: Please head over to the App Store or Google Play and give us the star-rating and review you feel we deserve. Every little bit helps.

• Our advertising kit has all the info to show why our business is right for your business!


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John's marooned in Florida with his beach ball, umbrella and tequila:


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