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View from Ice Level: Hockey for … everyone?

The top of our site following the Penguins' 4-0 loss to the Sharks features a photo of Tanner Pearson clenching his eyes as a brick-sized Evander Kane fist swings away.

There wasn't much of a choice for what to use in Chris Bradford's game report after that game. It honestly just felt like a beat down, and so that's what the photo shows.

With less than half of the third period remaining, a fan seated near me said loud enough for me to hear clearly, "It's like watching a college team against a bunch of pros." And, that's honestly the vibe that the crowd had from the very first drop of the puck.

It wasn't that the crowd was lackluster, it was that their team in front of them was. The crowd, dressed in colors and donning rainbow flags, was as vibrant as ever. But, on Hockey is for Everyone night, hockey was for everyone except the team dressed in the tuxedo-clad birds.

There was some hockey played, but there was also a lot of ... extra ... that seems to be the only thing that gets the Penguins jumping to play lately. Even that didn't work Thursday night, though. But it does bring back the photo of Pearson and Kane trading fighting majors after an altercation broke out during a television time out.

The fight wasn't the first thing I saw. I didn't see much of what started any of the incident. What I did see, though, was a group of the Penguins' 'ice crew' huddled in the zamboni door as if they sought shelter from a violent storm. A couple others were stuck near the Sharks bench where they watched the brawl begin and Kane's fists end it.

You'll see those photos kick off a Sunday's Best-like gallery from this game. The huddled crew members. The crew member watching the fight develop. Then the rest of the game's best photos.

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