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Hunter’s Prowl: Joe Thomas looks exactly like Aaron Eckhart now

Before we fully dive into this week's best (and funniest) sports moments, I should introduce this feature. "Hunter's Prowl" will track what I'm watching — football, basketball, baseball, hockey, MMA — delivering highlights, commentary, analysis and more.

Basically, I want this to feel like one giant living room where we're all cracking a few cold ones and chatting about the latest and greatest goings on in the wonderful world of sports. Leave comments so we can discuss. Call me out when I utter a horrible take. Get loose and have some fun.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Hustle is always rewarded. And in Mike Scott's case, it's rewarded with beer.

I'm not sure if he actually took a drink, but he should've. That's incredible.


Have you seen Joe Thomas lately? Even if you have, you might not've known it was him. Check it out:

Being 300-plus pounds helps in the trenches, but it's not great for the joints and organs, so it's cool to see Thomas taking a page out of Alan Faneca and Matt Birk's book here. Good on ya, Joe.


Friday, March 15, 2019

You ever just show up to a Harlem Globetrotters event and show up the pros?

Because that's exactly what this kid did:

Now, this is one thing if you're a random kid who's been practicing in mom's basement for just this moment. Nothing but respect in that case.

But it turns out this is Pawel Kidon, a three-time National Freestyle Basketball champion. I get the move — he's generated a viral video to further grow his brand and visibility — but I'm not sure I respect it.

What do you think? All good or a little iffy by my man Kidon here?


Casey DeSmith went full Michael Scott last night in Buffalo:


I'm diggin' Steven Stamkos' insight and opinions on the NHL playoff format:


Zion Williamson with the filthy dunk — then he gets tripped by Frank Howard:

Zion can't get to the NBA quickly enough. That's just ridiculous.


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