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Campus Chatter: Donald delivers mega donation

OK, enough of our readers were vocal that they wanted a place to track and talk about their favorite colleges. So, here it is.

Before a game played by Pitt, Duquesne or Robert Morris, we'll offer all the trappings of a standard live file, all the broadcast info, media notes, ticket info and everything else. Once they're done, we'll connect to coverage directly from those schools, including multimedia. We'll also adjust to include football, other sports and other schools, notably Penn State and West Virginia, as circumstances and seasons warrant.

Basically, this will be here all the time.

Let's get some good talk going before and after these games, but especially during. Feel free to add your own news and updates, in addition to thoughts. The burden here will be on the commenting above all else. I'll get it started, but you've got to get it going and keep it going.



OK, Aaron Donald. Respect:

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