Kovacevic: Who the hell is Derek Dietrich?


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The Reds' Derek Dietrich after his second home run Sunday at PNC Park. - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

"These kids ... "

Francisco Cervelli was huffing away at his stall late Sunday afternoon, and not just because he'd finally finished his standard sweat-fest following the Pirates' 7-5 sweep-capper over the Reds.

No, the man was seriously en fuego about something else.

"These kids," he'd repeat. "You can't act like that. You just can't."

Wait, a minute ... kids?

I had to interject because there's no conceivable way Cervelli could have been talking about Derek Dietrich, the Cincinnati spare part who showboated an early home run to set off a slew of surliness that cleared both benches and bullpens, got five people tossed and ... uh, who the hell is he, anyway?

Well, to start, he's 29. So he's no kid. He'd boomeranged between the minors and majors with the Marlins for the past half-dozen summers, slashing .254/.330/.421, and his lone claim to fame is that he led the National League in being hit by 24 pitches last season.

Gee, can't imagine why.

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