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Mound Visit: The hunt for fastballs


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Josh Bell celebrates after his mammoth home run Sunday. - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- How much stock do you put into small sample size?

The Pirates are a mere eight games into the 2019 season. Without question, this is not enough data for us to accurately project the next 154 games.

So what do we do here, exactly? Do we wait for an adequate number of data points to make any definitive declarations regarding the club's prowess? Shall we add considerable qualifiers to every bit of analysis we put forth? How do we properly discuss the PBC when less than five percent -- 4.9% to be exact -- of its games have been played?

That question has vexed analysts much better than I for years on end. It certainly does not help my cause that the Pirates have played against just two teams thus far. Still, we can point to a trend in the early-going that could have a lasting impact on the club's 2019 fortune.

Pittsburgh hitters, perhaps more than any other team, need to see fastballs in order to sustain success.

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