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Live Qs at 5: Sunday answers on the Penguins

CRANBERRY, Pa. -- Good evening, Lunatics! It's 5 p.m. somewhere, and that means it's time for another Live Qs.

It's locker clean out day for the Penguins, and that means I'll be in the room talking to the guys and taking pictures for the last time until the next chance comes around later this year. It's not the happiest room to walk in to just 36 or so hours removed from being eliminated, but the guys who talk are professional about it and typically more gathered than they are right after an elimination loss.

It's a unique opportunity for me because of the camera side of what I do. It's not often I get to photograph the guys in the room at all, talking to reporters, etc., and this is one of those rare times I'm able to do that.

Chris Bradford answered a ton on Penguins yesterday, and that link is down below. So, let's talk about the Penguins' season, but my ... View ... of it from the ice. Or really anything at all.

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