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Duquesne University's pedestrian bridge over Forbes Avenue, Uptown. - DEJAN KOVACEVIC / DKPS

Good morning!

It's the weekend, so there's Site Stuff!

• I did Live Qs at 5 yesterday, then climbed Summer Hill to film the final episode of WPXI-TV's '11 On The Ice' alongside Chase Williams and Phil Bourque. What's below is our online-only overtime edition:

• Tonight, I'll be on the panel of WPXI-TV's 'The Final Word' at 11:35 p.m., joining Chase, Mark Madden and John Steigerwald. Here's our partner's live stream for the broadcast.

• The Pirates beat the Giants in a rain-shortened game last night at PNC Park. John Perrotto was there. The teams meet again today, 1:35 p.m. The clubhouse opens to media at 10:30 a.m. I'll be there, along with John and Matt Sunday. All our expanded baseball coverage, including Indy Watch by Matt WelchAltoona Watch by Jarrod Prugar and the Monday Mound Visit by Jason Rollison, can be found on our team page.

• The Hounds and Saint Louis FC dueled to a scoreless draw last night at Highmark Stadium. Sunday was there. All our soccer coverage can be found on our team page.

• Four days remain until the NFL Draft. Dale Lolley's latest entry is on the cornerbacks. All our football coverage, including Chris Carter's Classroom, can be found on our team page.

• All our videos and podcasts, including the latest Morning Java, are at the new Multimedia Central file you'll now find daily near the top of our homepage.

• Also new, check out our staff's Hot Button, a round-the-clock collection of sports news from everywhere that might be of interest to Pittsburgh fans.

• We've sold 32 Lifetime Lunatics since the revival, which means we have 68 left. Once those are gone, that'll be it for the foreseeable future. We're capping sales at 100. Get yours here.

• Our new Veterans Challenge, inspired by good friend Josh DeNinno at Moon Golf Club, puts forth a goal of connecting 1,000 military vets with free annual subscriptions in 2019. We've sold 86 in the first seven. Josh has pledged to buy 10 a month himself. Here's where to contribute.

• Our company has unprecedented reach. If you have a business that could benefit from this, as our many longstanding partners have, our 2019 media kit has all the info you'd want. Email my wife at to set up a meeting.


Monday: Dale Lolley
• Tuesday: John Perrotto
• Wednesday: Chris Bradford
Thursday: Matt Sunday
• Friday: Taylor Haase
Saturday: DK


Monday: Mound Visit, Indy Watch
Tuesday: Cartoon Canon, Altoona Watch
Wednesday: Stats 'N' At
• Thursday: Carter's Classroom
• Friday: Friday Insider
Saturday: Site Stuff
• Sunday: Sunday's Best


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