Kovacevic: No actual need for Steelers to trade up in draft

Everybody wants excitement from an NFL Draft and, thus, everybody wants the Steelers to trade up for the next Troy Polamalu or Santonio Holmes.

If I'm wrong on either of those, stop right here. The rest won't be of interest.

OK, everybody still reading?

Ha! Thought so!

It's fine. I'm no different. If anything, it's fueled all the further by one of those players becoming an iconic figure in franchise history and the other catching a slightly clutch touchdown in the Super Bowl. It feels like a move up in the first round almost mandates some magical windfall.

Hey, I won't lie: Right up until the club's formally on the clock late Thursday night, I'll be leaning forward through every other pick, particularly when anyone suggests a trade might be afoot. And if it turns out that way, and one of the two already locally fabled Devins -- inside linebackers Devin Bush of Michigan and Devin White of LSU -- falls into their grasp ... yeah, I'll be writing the column everybody might expect.

That said, honestly, I'd be cooler still with the Steelers staying right where they are.

Infinitely more important, it sure sounds like they are, too, upon listening to Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert at their annual pre-draft press conference Monday at the Rooney Complex.

"Roughly we’ll be picking one every 20 picks throughout the draft which is very encouraging," Colbert would say, referencing their 10 total picks through seven rounds. "We’ll see how it breaks down. We'll always get asked about questions with trade-up or trade-down. We’re always going to be open to either."

Four reasons to support status quo, in ascending order of importance:

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