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Site Stuff: Meet Jim Barger, managing editor


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Jim Barger, visiting Cork, Ireland, in March.

It's not a stretch for me to say everything I've learned about the foundational workings of journalism -- editing, structure, planning, page design -- came fromĀ Jim Barger.

It's also not a stretch to say neither I nor Dale Lolley want to invest much time in doing that stuff ourselves, since we'd both rather be reporting and writing.

So, on that note, please join us all in welcoming Jim as our full-time managing editor, effective May 1.

I've known Jim most of my life. He was my sports editor at the Post-Gazette for many years. He's also been a great friend and, from the day this venture was launched, a loyal supporter of what we've done. He expressed an interest in being part of this for a long time, and that interest was always mutual. So last fall, when he moved back from California into our region, the opportunity finally arose to make this happen.

Jim's got more than three decades in the business, including five years with ESPN and an additional dozen at newspapers in Las Vegas and northern California. He's precise. He's professional. He'll make all of us better, most often in ways the readers won't see on the surface but, I hope, will come to recognize. And again, by being all that, he'll allow me and Dale to focus on what we love most. For me, specifically, it's a chance to cover a lot more events.

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