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Live Qs at 5: Sunday answers on hockey … and pizza

Good evening, Lunatics! It's 5 p.m. somewhere, and that means it's time for another Live Qs.

Hockey ... at least in Pittsburgh is done, done. So that means that in between baseball games and football camps, I get to actually sit in front of a computer and get some work done. It's weird, though; As much as the archiving and backing up on web and physical systems is an important part of what I do, it makes me feel like I'm not working and I'd rather be at the ballpark.

Let's chat about those Buccos and Riverhounds who I'll spend most of my summer with, the games I play on my PC when files are backing up on the iMac, or the pizza I eat way to much of and am definitely giving up for the final four months until the wedding.

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