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Sunday’s Best: May the rain be with you

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  • Keone-Kela-pirates-injured

Another Sunday's Best, another set of rainy sports photos. This week didn't offer much in the way of sports coverage. Most of my week was spent working on the part of my job that's not so glorious, talked about or noticed when I'm sharing them in our files here or on social media -- sitting in front of a computer watching them transfer and archiving them.

But, at the end of watching a bunch of lines fill from zero percent to 100 percent while watching the Pirates on the road, the Pirates did sneak in two home games against the Athletics, leaving me with two days of photos to choose from.

There are a handful in here from the first game, a 14-1 drubbing at the hands of the A's Friday night. But there are a few more from the follow-up Saturday win (6-4) in the middle of a steady, heavy rain.

One that's not up there is a shot of Felipe Vazquez giving finger guns to the dugout as he took the mound to close out the game. It's a personal favorite from the weekend set, but the crop doesn't work in the gallery, so it gets its own spot:

What is up there is a shot of Trevor Williams mid-delivery in the rain, Skye Bolt connecting with his first MLB hit for the Athletics, Cole TuckerGregory Polanco and Bryan Reynolds coming up short on slides, dives and leaps, Reynolds losing his lid coming around to score, Francisco Cervelli diving to make a tag at home ... and a bunch more.

I'll be back at the ballpark today kicking off another week's worth of photos, and next Sunday promises to have a bit more variety with the Steelers' rookies showing off for the first time since being drafted. See you guys and gals in the comments.

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