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What’s Brewing 5.8


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Good morning!

I've been to St. Louis many, many times to cover baseball, hockey and football back when the Rams were still there. And this week, it's safe to say, will mark the first time I'll have been there where something other than baseball will be on the community's forefront.

My goodness, I can't imagine what that town's like right now, with how much they've always loved their Blues.

That said, they've loved their Cardinals that much more. And that's always, in a way, saddened me because that's been lost here in Pittsburgh, but for a three-year blip, over these past four decades. The public talks about the Pirates, mostly to pan Bob Nutting. Kids don't talk about the Pirates at all. It's just a different world. And I'm not sure it needed to be that way.

Anyway, because I'm covering four baseball games out there this week, I'm taking today off, other than doing a full three-hour radio show, 3-6 p.m., on 105.9 the X. Listen online right here and, if you'd like, give me a call at 412-333-9939. If you announce yourself as a subscriber, producer Bob McLaughlin will ding the happy little bell.

• Morning Java, brought to you as always by GetGo Cafe+Market has John Perrotto and Matt Sunday talking baseball right from PNC Park:

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