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ST. LOUIS -- Good morning!

Busch Stadium is beautiful. The Arch is awesome. The Old Courthouse, as it's called here, is a classic. But there might not be a more frustrating city center than this one anywhere in America.

I like St. Louis. This isn't a criticism. But this might be our nation's Exhibit A of how to let a core deteriorate while all the money flees out to the suburbs. Or, in this case, the distant suburbs. There are people here, there are businesses, and there's definitely money, but it's so far out to the fringe that the heart of what really should be a healthy core has gone neglected for so long that it'll take equally long to build it back up.

That's a shame. With its history, with its location and, yes, with its people, it doesn't need to be this way.

Pittsburgh isn't perfect, but we've gotten pretty damned good at caring for our core. More in the past decade and change, actually, than at any point in the past century. It matters. It makes a difference. It contributes to civic pride, further investment, a sense of worth.

Hoping for the best here. There are encouraging signs.

• I've got Grind. It's all ball.

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• Today's Morning Java, brought to you by GetGo Cafe+Market has me talking football with Chris Carter:

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