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Site Stuff: A view into our future


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View from our offices. - DEJAN KOVACEVIC / DKPS

That's my view up there.

At The Miami News, I could look out the window to see sailboats and cruise liners on Biscayne Bay. At the Las Vegas Sun, it was a panoramic view of the fabulous Strip. But this one beats them all. It reminds me that I'm home. Home in Pittsburgh and home in a sports department.

One week on the job at has hardly dampened my enthusiasm for either. Quite the opposite.

I watched the staff react on multiple fronts to produce content after Josh Bell's splashdown home run, then saw the story change dramatically within hours as the Pirates blew a 6-2 lead. Such good stuff and all of it published almost instantly, twisting and turning in a mirror image of fans' emotions. No other communications medium can match that.

So what has the new managing editor been doing these first few days besides having fun?

Mostly getting to know a very talented staff, through their work and in one-on-one conversations, and letting them get to know me. I'm making myself more familiar with the inner workings of the tools of this digital publication and I'm discussing with the writers ways we can bring more efficiency and more impact to the product readers are seeing.

Oh, and one other thing. I've been coming into the office every day.

It must be the view.


Jim's addition has helped all of us breathe a bit easier, probably no one more than me.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this but, as I sit here to type from St. Louis about the Pirates' victory, I still haven't read the first syllable of our coverage from the first day of the Steelers' rookie camp back home. Nor have I placed it on the page. Nor was I involved in any of the planning.

It's a little disquieting, if I'm being honest, but it's definitely more good than bad. Because while out here to cover baseball, I'm able to solely concentrate on baseball. Just as Dale Lolley is able to solely concentrate on football.  And that's really the goal, above all. Jim's here to make all of us better at what we do and, in the process, make the final product better for you.

It's actually a little crazy that we made it nearly five years without such a presence. -- DK in St. Louis


The web news outlet NEXTpittsburgh wrote a feature about disruptors to local sports media that was headlined by our site having gotten all that started nearly five years ago:

They run a good site. Check them out. -- DK

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