Jets coach, now-fired GM disagreed on Bell

Le'Veon Bell -- MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

When the Jets won the "bidding" for Le'Veon Bell's services in the offseason, many viewed it as the culmination of something they thought would happen all along.

The Jets had cap space, a need for a bell-cow running back and Bell needed a place to start over.

Turns out, not everyone, even in the organization, felt Bell best suited their needs.

Manish Meta, who covers the Jets for the New York Daily News, wrote Wednesday new head coach Adam Gase and GM Mike Maccagnan disagreed on whether to sign Bell or not, with Gase not wanting to spend big on a running back.

Maccagnan won out, signing Bell to a 4-year, $52.5-million contract. Wednesday, Maccagnan was ousted from his job, with Gase taking on the role of interim GM as well as head coach. Maccagnan won the battle for Bell, but Gase won the war for control of the team.

While some other teams were reported to have been bidding for Bell's services, it's questionable whether that was the case, with the Jets being the leaders all along.

Of course, Gase is now saddled with Bell, at least for the next couple of seasons. And perhaps it would have helped Maccagnan's case had Bell shown up and taken part in the team's voluntary workout sessions.

But Bell has stayed away, saying he won't report to the Jets until mandatory minicamp.

That certainly couldn't have helped with any friction between the coach and former GM.

Bell sat out all of 2018 despite being offered the franchise tag at $14.5 million by the Steelers. He also turned down a contract offer last July from the Steelers that would have paid him $70 million over five seasons. The Steelers' offer also would have paid him $45 million over the first three years of the deal, but Bell balked wanting more guaranteed money in the deal.

By nightfall, Bell himself responded to the report regarding Gase:

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