Podcast: Vitale talks Crosby on Spittin’ Chiclets


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Everybody knows that Sidney Crosby is very superstitious. This story from Joe Vitale is on another level, though.

Crosby told Vitale a story about his trip to Italy the previous summer before the Penguins' game in Montreal in March 2013. The Penguins won 7-6, and Crosby scored a goal and two assists.

Crosby, not wanting to change up his routine, told Vitale the same story as if it was new the next game. The Penguins won again, so telling Vitale about Italy became a weird ritual for as long as the Penguins kept winning. The Penguins went on a 15-game winning streak, so Vitale heard the story quite a few times.

In case you were curious, this was the song Vitale played that caused the whole ordeal:

The full two-hour podcast, during which Vitale, Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette talk about the Stanley Cup Final and tell more stories about Crosby and Evgeni Malkincan be found here.

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