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Mound Visit: Bryan belongs ☕


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Bryan Reynolds. - MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Bryan Reynolds belongs.

That's the singular word that I keep deciding accurately describes how comfortable the Pirates' 24-year old rookie has looked during his first taste of the big leagues.

To be sure, there are still growing pains present. Breaking balls continue to be an issue for him, as I've documented previously, but there are indications that he is shoring up this "fatal flaw" right before our eyes.

First, consider this: Reynolds is second on the Pirates to Josh Bell in wOBA (weighted on-base average) when behind in the count. Bell clocks in at .313, with Reynolds at .291 as of this writing.  For reference, the MLB-wide rate with these parameters is only .220. This means that Reynolds is 32.2 percent better than the rest of the league in terms of being productive after falling behind.

It also means that Bell is having an unbelievably good year. Each time I think that I have seen all the stats to prove this (other than the obvious), I find something else to marvel at. But you probably knew all that anyway.

One recent at-bat in particular serves as microcosm of Reynolds' improvements in approach.

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