Don’t ask Tuitt his secret steak recipe


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Stephon Tuitt smiles during a Steelers practice – MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Stephon Tuitt is feeling the love.

Throughout OTAs, this Steelers team has been especially animated and vocal, encouraging one another to get out and make plays. And when they do make the plays, you can almost feel the confetti falling from the sky. It's loud and rowdy, and the players aren't shy about celebrating each other's success.

"Most definitely," Tuitt was saying at the Rooney Complex when I asked him if he's feeling an elevated level of excitement from the team this year. "We're here to support each other. We want everybody to get better."

That, however, is the goal for teams every year. OTAs provide a time for growth, for development, for younger guys to get up to speed and acclimate to the professional game.

So what makes this year different?

"It's just a point of emphasis," Tuitt continued. "We just want to support each other. At the end of the day, we're all in this together, so we just want to push each other to the limits."

While Tuitt and his peers could be heard booming across the Mon Wednesday in the South Side, there is one topic that caused him to fall silent.

Recently, the Steelers' defense held a steak cookoff, a challenge to see whose skills reigned supreme atop the propane flame.

When the smoke cleared, there was an indisputable winner: Tuitt. As a bit of a grill enthusiast myself, I couldn't let Tuitt off the hook without asking:

He was just joking... I hope.

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