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MILWAUKEE — The best sales tool, we’re often told, is word of mouth. And best sales force, in turn, is comprised of existing customers.

So, let’s get to work.

We’ve got quite the product here, now nearly five years in the making and with a staff that’s more experienced, more driven and dynamic than we could have dreamed when this launched. We travel everywhere all three of our teams go, we cover everything they do, and we offer the result of all that in all kinds of user-friendly forms.

If you like it, and you think a friend or family member — or even a casual acquaintance or complete stranger — might like it, we’re asking for your help in making them aware of what we’ve got here.

No cost. No catch.

See that image above?

Those cards were just designed and printed by my wife Dali at the suggestion of sales associate Charlie Hildbold. We’ll be passing those out wherever we go. I’ve got a fistful here in Milwaukee. Gave a couple out at the airport. Expect to give out more at Miller Park today when I see fans wearing Pirates gear. And if you’d like some to pass out, as well, whether personally or through your business, we’d like to get them in your hands, too.

The card’s as simple as it looks: The holder gets the first three months free. The front states as much, and the back has a barcode scan to make it happen. From there, the burden’s on us to get them to stick around. If they don’t value what they see, they won’t. But again, we’re confident enough in the product that we’re optimistic most will.

Our preference is to pass out these cards in person to anyone who wants to help. That can be at games, at the office, at meetups, whatever. If you’re kind enough to want to help but can’t make it to one of those, email me directly and we’ll figure something out.

Thank you so much in advance.


In the past week, we’ve added a bunch of premium content, meaning for subscribers only, with the three every-weekday Xs and Os features: Chris Carter’s Classroom, Jason Rollison’s Mound Visit and my Drive to the Net. We’re also added the writer’s Five Thoughts to every game we cover, also for subscribers only.

We’ve always been about the subscription path and probably always will be.

At the same time, one great way to add to that is to open some of our standard content — straight news, interviews every outlet is getting, etc. — to non-subscribers so that they can get a glimpse of how we do things and maybe covet more. That approach also helps grow our presence in search engines, external links and sharing, as well as enhancing the value of our business partnerships.

It’s a fine line we’ve always walked in that regard, and it might well morph over time, but we’ve talked a lot about this internally and feel that having more straight content be more visible will benefit us in the longer run. -- DK


Josh DeNinno at Moon Golf Club wants to remind readers of his Veterans Challenge to our subscribers. Josh is buying 10 a month himself for a total of 100 in 2019, and he's challenging subscribers to achieve a goal of 1,000 by year's end.

Current count: 147

Here’s where to contribute. -- DK


We've sold 49 Lifetime Lunatic subscriptions, including six more this week, so 51 remain toward our new cap of 100, combined with the original 500. There's no plan to sell more in the foreseeable future. It costs $299. If you'd like one, buy it here. If you're an existing subscriber and want to go Lifetime, do the same thing, then email us at to let us know. We'll refund the remainder of your existing account. -- DK


With the addition of Dave Molinari to the staff, part of what I'd hoped to bring to the site is now complete.

When Dejan and Dali approached me with the idea of becoming EIC, one thing I wanted to achieve was to have an expert on every beat. Dave on the Penguins and John Perrotto on the Pirates have certainly added that. And I aspire to be that on the Steelers.

In fact, even though this will be my 27th season covering the Steelers, that pales in comparison to the number of years Dave and John have been covering their respective teams. It's a depth of knowledge and coverage ability no other outlet in Pittsburgh -- if not the entire country -- offers. And that goes without mentioning Dejan's ability to sum things up with his columns.

Add in our supplemental coverage by the other writers on site, and I feel like we've really put together a solid group of writers, the best since this site's inception. That's no knock on anyone who has been here before. I have a lot of respect for those people. But the idea, as it always has been, is to bring our readers the best coverage possible.

With the addition of Dave, I really feel we're there. -- Dale Lolley


In the sports news business, this used to be called the summer doldrums. Wake me when the Steelers get to Latrobe. Not anymore. Look what's going on around us in the next few weeks.

The NHL and NBA will crown champions and follow up with their drafts. The baseball races will march toward the All-Star Game -- is that Josh Bell in the Home Run Derby? The U.S. golf national championship happens next weekend and Wimbledon begins later in the month. The Women's World Cup will rivet our attention on France until the world champion is crowned in July. And, no, the Steelers won't be sleeping until the work begins at St. Vincent College. Minicamp kicks off Tuesday. Nothing optional now as the preparations for a new season get serious

Don't blink and don't change that channel. The staff at DKPittsburghSports is here to keep you informed and entertained. -- Jim Barger


We're always looking to grow our base of business partners, and there currently are several very good opportunities available to take advantage of our unprecedented reach. Our 2019 media kit has all the info you’d want. Email me directly at to set up a meeting. -- Dali Kovacevic

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