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Drive to the Net: Blues must change … QBs? ☕


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The Blues' Colton Parayko. - AP

Colton Parayko might be on the cusp of becoming a Stanley Cup champion. He might also be handed the Conn Smythe Trophy.

But for either to occur, and I offer this with respect, the Blues might be best off keeping their No. 1 defenseman on the bench when their top power play takes the ice in Game 7 Wednesday night in Boston.

Let's talk about quarterbacks, OK?

Everyone knows what that means in football, of course, but the interpretation is commonly mangled in hockey. The more casual fan tends to think that the top point man on the power play is the quarterback. And, most often, they're right. But there also are cases where the play is commanded from a different spot. Mario Lemieux did so from the left half-wall, Jaromir Jagr from the right. Most recently, Phil Kessel was the quarterback of the power play from ... wherever Phil felt free to roam, basically.

Plainly put, the quarterback is the player through whom the play is funneled.

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