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Sunday’s Best: Hunting for Pirates features ☕

There aren't many weeks left in 2019 where there will be an all baseball Sunday's Best published. This is one of them.

Penguins development camp is coming this week and bringing fresh draft picks to join the rest of the development-level roster. Steelers training camp is three days longer than a month away from today, starting July 26 in Latrobe. By the time that ends and the Steelers are back on the South Side, it will be time for exhibition games and shortly ... pre-season hockey.

It comes around so fast when you think of it like that ...

For this Sunday's Best, I dug back through the week's baseball action and just flat out chose my favorite images from the week. What I noticed was that I shot a lot of what I consider normal baseball photos but in a slightly different way.

Instead of avoiding the sun's reflection and bright outfield, I decided to embrace it. That's how I shot the photo of Bryan Reynolds at the top of this page. He was running in, I saw the blown out background and I decided to get him crossing the big orange reflection in the outfield. Turns out, it was a good idea.

Same concept with the photo of Starling Marte in the outfield later in the gallery. Instead of just watching him catch a fly ball with the bright background, I spun my shutter speed up and shot a normal fly out with a neat shadow.

I also decided to drag my shutter a bit this week and included a couple of those photos. The one of Felipe Vazquez came so close to really hitting for me, but his face just didn't stay sharp enough through my pan. The one of Joe Musgrove, if you can tell who it is, is on the other end where nothing in the photo is recognizable -- just a messy blur.

Those images and a few more favorites from the week are up above, as always. See you guys and gals in the comments!

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