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Site Stuff: Our man Donnie! ☕

Donnie Mason at our airport.

Meet Donnie Mason.

No, seriously, come meet Donnie. Because if he can make it to our fifth anniversary celebration -- Tuesday, July 23, 6 p.m., at Highmark Stadium -- then there's no palatable excuse for anyone to miss.

As a lot of you in our commenting community will know, Donnie's among the best of us. Always one of the first to offer input under any article. Always polite. Always forthcoming. If there's a King Up-Cup, it's probably him.

What you might not know, although he's discussed it on occasion in comments, is that he's had quite the rough ride the past couple of years. Back surgery. A recent operation to remove a cancerous area. And in that time, he had to halt the humanitarian work he does in Russia to return home to Maryland for treatment.

A couple weeks ago, Eric Seeger, a reader in Live Qs asked me if I could identify one subscriber I'd most like to see at the celebration. I responded, without hesitation, that it'd be Donnie. Eric then reached out and asked how he could contact Donnie. Which Eric did.

Long story short: Donnie will be at the celebration, all expenses paid by Eric for his trip from Maryland.

For real.

So ...

Taylor Haase has created a Facebook event page where you can let us know if you're coming or even if you're simply interested. It'll help us plan if you respond in any way.

Thanks in advance, and we all hope to see you!

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