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Cartoon Canon: Steelers vs. CFL? ☕

RICHMOND, Va -- As much as I love capturing the more recent momentous moments in Pittsburgh sports, stuff like this is what I dream about: Finding out about some unlikely event from the distant past, doing a little research, and discovering all there is to know about it.

Until about a week ago, I’d never known that the CFL and NFL had held Marvel vs. DC-esque crossover events … six of them, in fact, in the '50s and early '60s. All the games were blowouts, and all went in favor of the NFL participant, which might help explain why the practice came to an end.

In August of 1961, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats did manage a victory against a team that would eventually be in the NFL … namely, the Buffalo Bills, then of the AFL, by a score of 38-21. A natural rivalry, when you think about it, considering that the cities are just 75 miles apart!

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