Anybody got a helmet? AB asks Twitter to hook him up


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Antonio Brown. MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

The Antonio Brown Show rolls on.

Not sure if we need to file this one under "comedy" or "drama" or "other," but here we go... Brown threatened to retire after being forced to wear a new-and-approved model helmet by the NFL. To Brown, the new helmet simply wouldn't work, as it obstructed his vision. He wanted to wear his old helmet, so much so that he reportedly painted an old helmet and tried to pass it off as new.

That didn't work.

Now, however, it appears the NFL and Brown may reach a happy middle ground. The helmet Brown wants to wear, a Schutt AiR Advantage, is still technically approved. It's just the exact helmet Brown wanted to wear was more than 10 years old, so that wasn't approved. Now, Brown is on the hunt. He can get his wish if he finds a newer model:

I can't be alone here in thinking it's hilarious he's going to Twitter for this. I mean, Brown even left the quotation marks in his tweet. Somebody clearly said, "Hey, AB, send this out," and he did. Copy/paste, straight up, no second thoughts about it. It seems like there's gotta be a better way for a well-connected professional athlete to get the helmet he needs, right? Something better and smoother than Twitter maybe?

Besides that, how hilarious is it that he's offering a signed, practice-worn helmet in exchange? Somebody is going to step up and give in to your demand, hooking you up with the helmet you've been wanting, but you can't toss them any cash? That three-year, $50.1 million contract with $30.1 million guaranteed doesn't have a helmet budget built in, I guess.

The guy just keeps delivering.

Now, if he can just heal his frostbitten feet and get back to the field, this can all go away.

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