AB: ‘I feel like I was enemy of the f—— state’


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Antonio Brown. -- MATT SUNDAY / DKPS

Antonio Brown isn't happy with all of the "noise" surrounding him, his frostbitten feet and the ongoing helmet saga, he said in the latest Hard Knocks trailer.

“The feet feeling a lot better,” Brown said. “I’ve got brand new skin, it all trimmed up. It’s been a journey, man, but I feel a lot better. Working with the NFL, getting the right equipment, and I’ve been working hard on the side to get going and take care of the feet. So I want to give it to my teammates and hopefully soon, get out there and get to work. Too much noise right now. More work, less noise."

Brown then had some stronger words regarding the way he is perceived.

“I feel like I was enemy of the f------ state. F---. Getting my f------ feet trimmed up. I’m on every channel! ‘AB is actually a good player. A really good player.’ And he’s a handsome-looking player, by the way. That’s all it is right there.”

I just ... have no words here. Nearly all (if not 100 percent) of that "noise" he's complaining about has been avoidable. What does he expect?

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