O.J. Simpson to AB: ‘Stop with all of this drama’

When O.J. Simpson starts telling you to get your act together, you know things aren't right.

Simpson took to Twitter on Thursday to share his thoughts on Antonio Brown:

Simpson begins by lamenting his fantasy team, after his quarterback Andrew Luck retired, and Brown is being, well, Brown.

"I'm sure there's hundreds of thousands of Americans who play fantasy and drafted you," Simpson said. "We were all counting on you. Enough, buddy!"

"You knew that you were going to get fined," he continued. "Every guy that holds out gets fined. And you also know that communication in the locker room stays in the locker room. I gotta tell you, some golfing buddies of mine and a couple of my teammates, we knew something not good was going to come out of you posting (the letter from the Raiders notifying Brown of the fine). The only people you're making happy right now are the Pittsburgh Steelers."

"Look, play ball," Simpson said. "Cash them big-ass checks that you're getting, and move on, man. Stop with all of this drama."

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