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Good morning!

Hey, everyone, the Steelers lost! And it was the reporters' fault!

I'm only partially kidding, unfortunately. Because Pittsburgh's football fans, passionate as they are, are unlike any other in the city in that a huge chunk of them go out of their way to fault the media -- at least partially -- anytime things don't go well.

I hate this. A lot. Mostly because it's based on outdated or inaccurate narratives about how we do what we do. And instead of just asking us how stuff works -- for example, can the team really revoke a credential if someone's critical? -- people just feed off this old, tired crap and perpetuate it. And again, nowhere is that more true than with football, for some reason. No idea why.

Here's how this works: We cover all three teams the same way. We do so with equal diligence whether they're winning or losing, whether you're happy with them or mad, whether they're in season or out of season, the whole deal. Nothing changes. We don't play favorites, and we don't go on crusades. We just cover them.

If you're mad at the Steelers, get mad at the Steelers.

If you want to know how our jobs work, we're pretty easy to reach, right?

• The Steelers did lose. And it was actually the Steelers' fault. I've got an extended Grind on this, Dale Lolley's got 10 Thoughts, and there's tons more from Hunter Homistek, Chris Carter and Matt Sunday, all of whom were on the scene at Heinz Field.

• The guys did a Morning Java, too:

• I was on the panel of WPXI-TV's 'Subway Final Word' very late last night. Most of that was Steelers, too, but we also got into the Pirates near the end.

• The Pirates were pulverized yet again by the Cubs yesterday in Chicago. Alex Stumpf's added up all 47 runs allowed on the weekend, and he's flying home. The club is off today, but they'll probably give up a few more, anyway. All our baseball coverage, including Jason Rollison's Mound Visitcan be found on our team page.

• The Penguins open preseason play tonight against the Sabres at Penn State's Pegula Arena. Dave Molinari will be in University Park, Pa. Faceoff is 7:08 p.m. Meanwhile, in Cranberry, Taylor Haase will cover the regular training camp sessions at the Lemieux Complex, beginning at 10 a.m. All our hockey coverage, including Taylor's Drive to the Net, can be found on our team page.

• Our Veterans Challenge, inspired by Josh DeNinno at Moon Golf Club, puts forth a goal of connecting 1,000 military vets with free annual subscriptions in 2019. We've sold 315Here's where to contribute.

• Our company has unprecedented reach. If you have a business that could benefit from this, as our many longstanding partners have, our 2019 media kit has all the info you'd want. Email my wife at to set up a meeting.


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Dave's up at Penn State ... for hockey:


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