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Cartoon Canon: Sudden wealth!

MINNEAPOLIS -- I’m in Minnesota all week, accompanying my wife on a business trip. We had tickets to Game 4 of the Yankees/Twins series Tuesday night, for what would have been my first time at Target Field. Unfortunately, the Twins couldn’t manage to win a single game, so we had to make other plans.

Talk about a frustrated fan base. The Twins are setting new benchmarks for postseason misery, having now lost an incomprehensible 16 straight playoff games, the past 13 to the Yankees. Still, for as much as that’s gotta hurt ... at least the powers-that-be in Minnesota are always actively trying to play in meaningful October games!

To add to my own misery, wouldn’t you know I’ll be flying home to Virginia tomorrow, missing the Penguins’ game against the Wild here Saturday by just a scant few hours. As Ben Grimm often said, "What a revoltin’ development!"

It was a short spring and a long summer, but hockey is back, and it's already been a crazy three games for the Penguins!

In that spirit, let’s look back to some zany times nearly 30 years ago: There was a new owner in town and his tenure would bring a lot of franchise controversy ... and a second Stanley Cup.

[caption id="attachment_900584" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] ROB ULLMAN / DKPS[/caption]


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